Solution Overviews

For industrial and distribution sectors

The industrial and distribution sectors cover diverse businesses, such as material processing (e.g. steelmaking, chemicals), foods, medical and pharmaceuticals, wholesale and services. To our clients in these sectors, we deliver solutions which are tailored to their specific needs. Although they are diverse, we provide complete support throughout the lifecycle of the systems we deliver – from requirement definitions, through system design and development, to the operation – by integrating our resources of technologies and know-how represented by ERP packages (e.g. SAP ERP, GRANDIT) and PaplesWeb. We also respond flexibly to the expansion of the business into new areas, such as the globalization of the manufacturing business, as well as the expansion of system functions.

For financial sectors

The solutions we deliver to the financial sectors, including banking, securities and credit cards, are backed by our outstanding technological resources. In particular, we are extending our field-proven track record of the development of system for large financial institutions for their wide range of financial operations covering front, middle and back offices for derivative transactions (market systems), including valuation, risk calculation, clearance and account entries. Besides, we provide new solutions to their core businesses, such as fund transfers, lending, deposits and foreign exchange, on the ongoing basis through the re-building of their existing functions to web-based applications. We are also expanding our services to new areas, such as nonlife insurance the need for which has been increasing in society in recent years.


In order to grow our presence steadily and establish NHS as a brand for next-generation solutions in the financial sector which is increasingly advanced and diverse, we continue to refine our expertise, especially in the area of derivative business.

For communities and public utilities sectors

Reliability and safety are the essential aspects of systems designed to support communities and public utilities. We apply our cutting-edge technologies for advanced reliability design and security technology in our development of large-scale systems for businesses serving society, including the systems for railways, telecommunications, and electric power. We are contributing to the stability and advancement of society with our ability to precisely match technologies with new IT systems. Our contributions include the building of operation systems, such as large-scale operation control systems for railways, and plant maintenance and management systems for electric power companies. We also introduced PaplesWeb (an integrated form control solution package) to telecommunications and electric power companies.

For medical and pharmaceutical sectors

We have delivered solutions specifically designed for our clients in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors for more than a decade. Today, we offer the following three templates we have developed from our experience as solutions to business of our pharmaceutical clients:

- A solution independent of any specific architecture for dispensing records, proven through its adoption by large pharmaceutical companies;

- A solution for Medical Essays search which provides strong support to information gathering by MRs and Call Center operators, making it possible to deliver information accurately and promptly; and

- A solution for call centers to ensure accurate and prompt communication between medical workers and operators/MRs.