Message from the President

President and Representative Director Hiroyuki HoriPresident and
Representative Director
Hiroyuki Hori

We at NIPPON STEEL Hitachi Systems Solutions, Inc. are on the cusp of a major rebirth as we enter the third period of reform since our founding. Our first period of reform was in 1996, when we switched the focus of our business model from hardware sales, which we had pursued since our founding, to systems development. The second came in 2005, when we shifted from focusing on development from scratch and began our journey toward becoming a system solutions vendor with our own self-developed packages and templates.

The SAP solutions and financial system development businesses we launched during our first period of reform still serve as mainstays of our company’s earnings. The NHS solutions that we created during our second period of reform, such as the business form solutions package Paples5, the pharmaceutical solutions package PharMart, the iPad ticketing app Serialna, and the mid-sized company ERP solution GRANDIT, are treasured assets that broadly promote our technological capabilities to the IT solutions market and highlight our presence as a system solutions vendor.


In the more than 30 years since our founding, we have acquired and inherited the spirit of manufacturing, the principle of treating customers with wholehearted sincerity, and the tenacity to never give up until we fulfill our responsibilities. These three elements come from our founders, NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION, NS Solutions Corporation, and Hitachi, Ltd., and we have nurtured them as part of our “Nittetsu Hitachi DNA.” By augmenting our Nittetsu Hitachi DNA with technical capabilities and technological assets acquired and refined through the previous two periods of reform, we have acquired new cutting-edge capabilities and are now ready to pursue further reform to achieve our goals. Our objective is to be directly involved in the business of our customers and harness the power of IT and digitalization to provide significant capabilities and support for the development and expansion of the potential inherent in their businesses. In other words, we will contribute to the digital transformation (DX) that our customers are aiming for.

Naturally, achieving this requires that the back-end business systems that form the foundation work well with the front-end business systems, which necessitates that customers’ core internal operations, such as accounting, sales, purchasing, production management, and logistics, undergo ERP integration. This is where the ERP solutions that we have cultivated over the years, such as SAP solutions and GRANDIT, can demonstrate their potential. The application framework we have developed provides powerful support for system design to encompass all business domains within the framework of IT and digitalization, including the digitalization of sales and purchasing channels, which are connected to ERP, and the visualization of the flow of goods through the digitalization of product manufacturing processes. DocYou, a cloud-based electronic transaction service, is a platform for document collaboration that allows customers to digitize and link online all of their transaction-related documents, including contracts, that exchange with many business partners, while linking to their core systems.


We at NIPPON STEEL Hitachi Systems Solutions, Inc. aim to be a company that contributes to our customers and society as IT professionals and a professional organization that not only offers systemization and support for the refinement and optimization of our customers’ businesses, but also supports the entire business network centered on our customers by harnessing the power of IT and digital technology.


President  Hiroyuki Hori