Message from the President

President and Representatibe Director Nobumoto KiyamaPresident and
Representatibe Director
Nobumoto Kiyama

Nittetsu Hitachi Systems Engineering, Inc. was established in April 1988 as a joint venture between Nippon Steel Corporation and Hitachi, Ltd.

The new entity's mission was to serve as a systems engineering company capable of contributing to clients in various industrial areas, based on the IT technologies and experience accumulated by Nippon Steel Corporation and the skills of Hitachi, Ltd., the world’s leading computer manufacturer.

Since its founding, our company has thrived in the fast-moving, rapidly changing IT industry, drawing on a combination of rich experience in various fields to adopt leading-edge technologies and provide clients with a broad range of solutions.

We have worked to create large-scale systems incorporating advanced technologies. These advanced technologies include decentralized critical systems for manufacturing industries, BPR involving multiple ERP packages, and systems development for companies active in the financial sector. These achievements in various industries and businesses have been remarkably well-received by our clients.

As a total solutions provider who proposes and builds optimal systems for our clients by first understanding their needs, we offer a comprehensive range of services, from consulting to systems design, development, and maintenance.

We plan to sustain company-wide efforts to become a more highly valued IT partner for our clients, continuing to draw on our considerable experience and past achievements to ensure customer satisfaction.

Please accept our thanks for your kind and continuing support.